59. Dr. David Kamnitzer: Paying it Forward (Interviewed by Jordan Sather)

Click on the show title to read more and listen… A powerful conversation between two Lightworkers … One a Millennial, and one a Boomer.

50. Dr. David Interviewed by Michael Teoh: Empowering Millennials!

Click on the show title to read more and listen…Empowering and discovering Millennial Leaders is one of Dr. David’s passions. Dr. David encourages Michael to NOT attempt to FIT IN to the current consensus reality.

48. Michael Teoh: Millennial Leader and Inter-Generational Bridge-Builder!

Click on the show title to read more and listen…What if Millennials could be empowered to be their best? What if older generations were empowered to bring out the best in Millennials?
Michael Teoh is your man — if you want thoughtful and compelling answers to these questions.
Only 29 years old, Michael Teoh has accomplished more in his lifetime than most of us ever will.

14. Erik Coover: Millennial Wayshower!

Click on the show title to read more and listen… Join Dr. David as he goes deep with Erik Coover … Millennial Wayshower. In this late-20’s, Erik has dedicated his life to embodying and extending the possibility of a joyous, prosperous, freedom-filled, heart-centered life for all Millennials.

Blessed with remarkable parents who modeled a world of unlimited possibility, Erik came through his rebellious phase relatively unscathed … and now is committed to paying forward what was so graciously given to him.

In addition, he is adding his own unique Love to the “mix” … and calibrating and updating the message … and tens of thousands of Millennials have been “lit up” through their contact with Erik.

5. Foster Gamble: A MAJOR Light in Our World!

Click on the show title to read more and listen… This one is really a BLOCKBUSTER! … In fact, this interview was so “juicy”, that it went an extra 15 minutes!

Foster Gamble is truly an inspiration. Born and groomed to be part of the privileged class, he never let the trappings of wealth and position deter him from his passion to understand what is really going on in this world, and how we can THRIVE!

Dr. David and Foster have a deep, robust, and extensive conversation designed to enlighten and inspire.