41. Rob Fisher: Graceful Deep Healing through Hakomi!

Click on the show title to read more and listen… Imagine being with someone who is truly PRESENT … and … LIVES a series of powerful distinctions that allows him (or her) to assist you in contacting and healing aspects of your psyche that are limiting your QUALITY of Life, and EFFECTIVENESS in life.

Welcome to the world for Rob Fisher and Hakomi!

1. Who, What, and Why?

Click on the show title to read more and listen… In this inaugural episode, Dr. David … The Cutting-Edge Doc … shares himself and his vision for the show.

He is reviving the art of the in-depth interview, with a commitment to respect, challenge, and empower the listeners to open to new possibilities for conversation and action … possibilities that were not likely to happen anyway.

We discover that his passion is to FREE THE BODY and FREE THE SOUL! His work is a unique synthesis of ontological coaching and natural healing. In addition, he is committed to introducing his listeners to remarkable individuals who are doing cutting-edge work in various aspects of healing, spirituality, and social transformation.