13. Eileen McKusick: Sound Healing!

Click on the show title to read more and listen… “In the beginning was the Word.” Many of us have been exposed to this idea since childhood.

Is there a way we can easily harness the power of sound to promote healing … and even creativity? Join Dr. David as he and Eileen McKusick explore this intriguing possibility.

12. Dr. Frank Springob: Quantum Physics Meets Human Biology: Morphogenic Field Technique! (MFT)

Click on the show title to read more and listen… Every once in awhile, something new is birthed that is a quantum leap in our understanding of, and/or our ability to apply Truth to positively impact the quality of human life. Such is the case with Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT).

Dr. Frank Springob (along with MFT Co-Founder Autumn Smith) is bringing to the world a safe, quick, and enjoyable way to customize individualized nutritional, herbal, homeopathic interventions based on real-time energetic feedback. The way this is accomplished is through what Dr. Frank refers to a the QUANTUM CONVERSATION!