37. Alex Hillman: Co-Working Evangelist and Pioneer!

Click on the show title to read more and listen… Alex Hillman really GETS IT.

He has his finger on the pulse of the cutting-edge of social possibility … while EMBODYING who he needs to BE in order to DEMONSTRATE the VIABILITY and JOY of these new structures and Ways of Being.

Alex is the founder of Indy Hall, one of the premier Co-Working Spaces in the United States.

Co-Working respects individual boundaries, while at the same time, fostering and promoting the synergy of True Community and Group Life.

Join Dr. David as he engages Alex in a lively and powerful conversation.

7. Dr. David Kamnitzer: The ECOLOGY of Transformation!

Click on the show title to read more and listen…Join Dr. David as he is interviewed by the insightful Alex Hillman. The conversation begins with a little background on Dr. David’s “Story”… and quickly moves into a penetrating look at Transformation — What IS Transformation? What conditions FOSTER Transformation? What are the IMPLICATIONS of Transformation for Human Life?

Living with and inside these questions … and “going with” where they “take” you … can be a powerful foundation for joyous and productive life!