81. Alan Sieler: Bringing Ontological Coaching to the World!

By Dr. David | 04/02/2020 | 0 Comments

Join Alan and Dr. David for this “jazz riff” of a conversation!

Ontological Coaching is on the cutting edge of the cutting edge of paradigms and tools for real transformation.

Alan is the founder and Director of the Ontological Coaching Institute. As a world leader in ontological coaching he has written extensively on the relevance of Ontology to living, working, learning and coaching. His professional experience in education, training and consulting is extensive, having worked with multinational corporations and national organisations from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and South Africa. Alan focuses on the communication processes that build a collaborative and high performance organisational culture. His work as a consultant, workshop leader and executive coach is solidly grounded and highly engaging.

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The music at the beginning and end of the show was created and performed by Breana Gilcher and is gratefully used with permission!

As always, a big “Thank You” to K.B, my Assistant, who makes it such a pleasure for me to serve you here at FREEING THE BODY … FREEING THE SOUL!

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