80. Ben Claybrook – Going Solar with Peace of Mind!

By Dr. David | 11/23/2019 | 0 Comments

Have you been interested in “going solar” but didn’t want to get ripped off? Have you been interested in “going solar” but needed to get clear on the entire process? Have you been interested in “going solar” but needed someone you can trust? Well … Your in the right place! We’ve been doing a lot of research … and Ben is your man!

Join Ben and Dr. David for this enjoyable and powerful conversation. If you want to see if Ben can help you, go to http://www.cleanenergymovement.org/David to fill out a short qualifying form. It only takes a couple of minutes. One last thing … Please share this video with people who might appreciate it. FULL DISCLOSURE: If you click on the above link and get a solar install through Ben, we will receive a referral fee.

Dr. David and his work can be accessed at http://www.cuttingedgedoc.com and http://www.davidkamnitzer.com


Go to www.onlygreatstuff.com to find the products that are right for you!

The music at the beginning and end of the show was created and performed by Breana Gilcher and is gratefully used with permission!

As always, a big “Thank You” to K.B, my Assistant, who makes it such a pleasure for me to serve you here at FREEING THE BODY … FREEING THE SOUL!

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4. Patricia Albere: Mutual Awakening!

By Dr. David | 04/14/2015

Click on the show title to read more and listen… Patricia Albere is on the cutting-edge of the cutting-edge of Conscious Evolution. Committed to Transformation since her early 20’s, she has had the privilege of intimately interacting with tens of thousands of people over the last four decades.

Her current work focuses on the intentional generation and utilization of the “We Space” — the next step in human Self-Expression.

Dr. David feels a deep kinship with Patricia, and they have followed quite a similar Path in this lifetime.

Patricia’s personal story is shared in the context of her current ground-breaking work (which is done in concert with Jeff Carreira).

The conversation has the feeling of a “fine wine” … going down smooth and easy.

3. Joshua Gorman: Millennial Leader!

By Dr. David | 04/03/2015

Click on the show title to read more and listen… Joshua Gorman is the Founder and Director of Generation Waking Up, a group dedicated to empowering people under 30 to thrive and uplift the world.

Joshua exemplifies a new breed of Millennial Leaders, wise beyond their years.

In this powerful conversation, Dr. David invites Joshua to share deeply about his personal Journey, in the context of understanding Joshua’s current work and motivations.

2. Gina Lake: Inter-Dimensional Translator!

By Dr. David | 04/03/2015

Click on the show title to listen and read more…Gina opens up with Dr. David and shares candidly her Journey. Always a sensitive Soul, Gina began receiving messages from a wise Being over 20 years ago. When she would follow the Guidance, things worked well — and vice versa. She began to integrate the energy and information, and thus began a prolific period as a writer that continues to this day.

Several years ago, she began receiving messages from Jesus and Mother Mary as well. These collaborations have provided the basis for her last set of books.

1. Who, What, and Why?

By Dr. David | 04/03/2015

Click on the show title to read more and listen… In this inaugural episode, Dr. David … The Cutting-Edge Doc … shares himself and his vision for the show.

He is reviving the art of the in-depth interview, with a commitment to respect, challenge, and empower the listeners to open to new possibilities for conversation and action … possibilities that were not likely to happen anyway.

We discover that his passion is to FREE THE BODY and FREE THE SOUL! His work is a unique synthesis of ontological coaching and natural healing. In addition, he is committed to introducing his listeners to remarkable individuals who are doing cutting-edge work in various aspects of healing, spirituality, and social transformation.