18. John Lee Dumas: Walking the Talk!

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Click on the show title to read more and listen. John Lee Dumas is Dr. David’s podcast mentor and someone Dr. David deeply admires.

John has that rare synergy of intelligence, heart, and boundless infectious energy.

He single-handedly launched a new genre: The Seven-Day-a-week podcast! His award-winning podcast series – Entrepreneur on Fire — has over 1,000 episodes … and it is growing stronger every day.

In this special edition of FREEING THE BODY … FREEING THE SOUL!, John takes time out of his super-busy schedule to share some of his journey with Dr. David … and to offer several pearls of wisdom for all of us who sincerely desire to make a big difference in the world … and have a great time doing it!

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17. Bob Dunham: Mastery of Leadership and Innovation!


Click on the show title to read more and listen… Bob Dunham is our “go-to guy” when it comes to the application of Transformation in the areas of Leadership and Innovation. He has created a new discipline called Generative Leadership.

He speaks so powerfully … we had to slow him down, just so Dr. David could “process” the material deeply enough to stay connected with the material in the conversation!

Some conversations enhance your world and world-view. Some conversations create a whole new space from which to BE and VIEW.

This conversation falls in the latter category!

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16. Michael Gaeta: The Power of Whole Food Nutrition and Herbs!

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Click on the show title to read more and listen… Michael Gaeta’s Journey brings to mind the great Bucky Fuller. They both considered taking their own lives while battling serious depression … and, instead … committed their lives to Contribution and Service!

Michael’s field of service is the Healing Arts; specifically, empowering patients and healthcare professionals through whole food nutrition and herbs.

Michael is one the world’s leading experts in this field, combining deep academic knowledge with tens of thousand patients visits over the past 25 years.

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15. Shellee Rae: From Addict to Awakener!


Click on the show title to read more and listen… A true Teacher builds Bridges of Love and Understanding that connect with the consciousness of the student. It is often helpful in this regard if the Teacher has “been there” … has been where the student is … has a great “story” to tell … and is a living example of a new possibility of Being.

Shellee Rae is such a Teacher!

When Dr. David heard Shellee recently, while she was interviewed on another podcast, he was immediately struck by her Authenticity, Power, and Compassion. He knew he wanted to share Shellee with his “Tribe”.

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14. Erik Coover: Millennial Wayshower!

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Click on the show title to read more and listen… Join Dr. David as he goes deep with Erik Coover … Millennial Wayshower. In this late-20’s, Erik has dedicated his life to embodying and extending the possibility of a joyous, prosperous, freedom-filled, heart-centered life for all Millennials.

Blessed with remarkable parents who modeled a world of unlimited possibility, Erik came through his rebellious phase relatively unscathed … and now is committed to paying forward what was so graciously given to him.

In addition, he is adding his own unique Love to the “mix” … and calibrating and updating the message … and tens of thousands of Millennials have been “lit up” through their contact with Erik.

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