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The Fast Path and the Gradual Path both can work, in terms of the Soul’s Realization of Unity.

The Fast Path is, almost by its very nature and definition, SHOCKING to the individual lost in ego-based identity.

Its cornerstone is an instantaneous “bump” outside the closed system of ego-based thought and identity … Satori-like … that permanently alters ones relationship to egoic activity and identity.

It is often correlated with radical inquiry into the nature of Being.

In almost all cases, the individual is still left with a great deal of clearing and healing work to do … yet it is approached from a transformed space of always already being whole and complete.

The Gradual Path usually involves a combination of elevated ethics and morality, combined with concentration exercises, service commitments, and a gradually increasing ability to quiet the mind and attune to finer and finer dimensions until, finally, full absorption is Gracefully bestowed.


Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



The Name of the Game is PERCEPTION CONTROL.


Because the way people think, feel, speak, act, believe, expect, etc … and even to a large extent — physiology … is highly correlated with the way the world occurs for them (PERCEPTION), including the way they occur for themselves.

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.

with special kudos to Werner Erhard



Let me know if you are coming up against the limits of psychology, self-help, traditional metaphysical teachings, and natural approaches to healing the physical body …

There IS another possibility …


— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.




Commitment to excellence and workability will ultimately take you Self-Realization …

Self-Realization will ultimately take you to commitment to excellence and workability …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C



If you really want a deep insight into what is driving so much of the evil we see today … it is useful to understand what in some circles is referred to as the “unconscious death wish/urge.”

In a nutshell … negative ego sees real life and love in a distorted way that makes them appear THREATENING to its worldview. So it worships death …

When negative ego is USING YOU … this BECOMES the way the world occurs for you, including the way you occur for yourself.

My extensive experience as a Deep Guide shows me that everyone on The Path will confront this one … sooner or later.

It can be very helpful to know this … and be ready …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



One of the most powerful things I have discovered about paradox is that it does not exist in Reality.

It is a function of thinking and logic systems.

In Reality … there is only What Is …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



If you really want a deep insight into what is driving so much of the evil we see today … it is useful to understand what in some circles is referred to as the “unconscious death wish/urge.”

In a nutshell … negative ego sees real life and love in a distorted way that makes them appear THREATENING to its worldview. So it worships death …

When negative ego is USING YOU … this BECOMES the way the world occurs for you, including the way you occur for yourself.

My extensive experience as a Deep Guide shows me that everyone on The Path will confront this one … sooner or later.

It can be very helpful to know this … and be ready …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.


__________________________________________KAMNITZER SHIFTING GEARS!

For the past 15 months, I have been on a special mission to expose the Dark Team and its methods.

I felt deeply compelled and guided to accept this service mission.

So many people were unwittingly being HIJACKED by its sinister ploys and gambits.

I have either written or passed on literally THOUSANDS of posts during that time.

I know that I have now fulfilled my duty in this area.

Any person who sincerely desired to AWAKEN to this has had ample opportunity.

This has been a challenging assignment … going into the hell-hole of the ugliest manifestations of human free will.

It is now time for me to shift gears … move on … pass the torch … and re-focus on my true love and passion:


For those of you wanting a steadier dose of exposing the dark side … I suggest tuning into Jordan Sather‘s stuff. He is doing a great job in this area.

Time for me to get back to my deepest Joys and Passions.

Thank you for travelling down the road with me this far …

Your comments appreciated …


— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



Unfortunately … the New Age Movement has now almost completely devolved into a new attempt to avoid the domination of being a responsible rational individual.

I am sure this is no accident … Much excellent work was done in the 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s to assist in the liberation of the human soul …

Obviously … the powers that be said … “We can’t have that!” … and the movement fell through infiltration, half-truths, false teachings, greed, and sophistry.

TRUTH, however, cannot be completely suffocated!!!

You will often find it where you least expect it …

Remember … TRUTH makes strange bedfellows!

To YOUR Honor and Dignity,

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



Truth is already within …

That is why you can recognize it!

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



The One Infinite Creator can only be KNOWN … never PROVEN …

Faith and Consciousness are excellent BRIDGES to that KNOWING …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



Enforced to Coerced Service or Charity is an Oxymoron….Service and Charity are spontaneous

Expressions of a Soul connected with its nayural Love, Compassion, and Caring

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C



Most people who believe they are opposed to the free market……Have never really experienced it!

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



The way the SELF occurs for you shifts over time …

This is an important and powerful insight.



When you don’t feel you have to prove anything …

It is much easier to simply BE … and allow BEING to unfold naturally as the process of BE-COMING!

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



A “spiritual organization” is an oxymoron.

Spirituality is your relationship with the One …

Man-Made organization is of a completely different order …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



I am not so interested in WHAT you think …

I am much more interested in what you CAN think … What thoughts are POSSIBLE for you … What ACCESS you have to your real FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C



Isn’t it interesting that “you” DO occur for “yourself”?

Without a commitment to CARE … you really can’t connect with anything of real value …

Without a CULTURAL commitment to CARE … our culture will at best spin its wheels … and at worst, destroy itself …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



“The most secure jail is one inmates don’t know they’re in!”

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



Truth is THE toughest sell of all!

The price: Everything you ARE that you are!

— Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



There is nothing wrong with adolescence …

However, when it passes for full human adulthood … we’ve got a problem!

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



“Essential Qualities of Being Naturally PRESENCE themselves only in the moment they are APPROPRIATE to the natural MOTION of LIFE.”

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



I AM, therefore, I CAN think!

— David Kamnitzer



“Marketing, sales, teaching, coaching,
and leading have one thing in common:

They all alter the way the world occurs for
someone … and THAT is correlated with new commitments and action and results.”

— Dr. David Kamnitzer,



What if your CRISIS was the doorway to your CALLING?

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



Even the most clever strategies and actions within the “more/better/different” game …

ultimately reinforce the source of suffering …

Identification with/as an “I” that is a constructed model.

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



Here’s a simple and powerful test to determine if a philosophy suffocates LOVE and LIFE …

Does it respect or dishonor the existentially self-evident truth that the INDIVIDUAL is the unit of free-agency in human life?

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



If you are going to master the enrollment game, you must have the space for others to experience whatever they do …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



“If you fear your passion, you are at war with yourself. Instead of attempting to avoid the domination of passion, investigate it and get to the essence of it. This will always take you back to Truth.”

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



“When almost everything is ego-based manipulation … Real LOVE is either discounted or just doesn’t even register …”

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



“Play a big game … that really lights you up … It will bring the greatest joy, growth, and service … You will need to master the ability to create and hold space, and be with whatever arises.”

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



The most secure and profitable jail is the one the inmates don’t know they are in!

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



To the Negative Ego … Truth occurs as the ultimate threat …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



Mercury … Fluoride … Aspartame … MSG … GMO’s … Mineral Deficiencies … Fatty Acid deficiencies … dehydration … pesticides … chronic viruses … parasites … smart meters …

What an assault on the brain!

If people can’t really think clearly … society is ripe for fascism in all its guises …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



Feminine energy that is honored and cherished empowers the true masculine!

— Dr. David Kamnitzer

(What a concept!)



Without deep and multi-dimensional purification …

Your clarity, commitment, trustworthiness, and and effectiveness will be limited in ways that are really tough to self-analyze and correct.

At Your Service,

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



The Realization of Unity … without its focused application in a unique human life … is not the fullness of Human Possibility.

Focused application in a unique human life … without the Realization of Unity … in not the fullness of Human Possibility.

Open to the Mystery … The Seamless Synthesis …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer




I see that 2016 was the Year of Truth.
Lies were exposed like never before.
Self-Realization became more accessible.
The Veil continued to thin …

It is time for Service to Other Souls to become
impeccable and committed to being and extending
SPECIFIC frequencies — while continuing to stay open to
the Great Mystery.

Conscious Co-Creation as an extension of ALREADY
being complete and knowing wholeness is the Keynote
of the Year!


— Dr. David Kamnitzer




If you were never treated with honor and respect as an individual being … it is really really really hard to remember (as in KNOW) what Love really is …

Being in the Presence of Real Love is the most powerful catalyst I know of to RE-MEMBER!


— Dr. David Kamnitzer



In the 80’s I told people margarine was bad and butter was good …

They said I was nuts.

In the 90’s I told people the FED was a private company that could create money out of a computer stroke and lend it into circulation with interest (Their main variable cost is printing!) …

They said I was nuts.

In the next decade, I told people 911 could not have been due to fire and that it was a controlled demolition … and likely an inside job …

They said I was nuts.

Now I am telling people that GMO’s are really really really bad for human beings … and that Pizzagate is the tip of a mammoth international satanic child abuse scandal that will shake current perceptions of what is going on AT LEAST 20 TIMES more powerfully than Watergate ever has. The Vatican is only one player in this game!

Let’s see if I am nuts.

Shining Light on the Shadows voids them in Love …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



The integration … and synthesis … of Self-Realization and Self-Actualization …

(the seamless integration of The Mystic and the Person in the World)

is the POSSIBILITY and REALITY that is “lighting me up” the most these days!

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



If you study hard sciences, life sciences, psychology, philosophy, religion, and social sciences … without studying ontology …

you are almost certain to draw limiting conclusions and definitions about yourself, others, life, energy, and consciousness.

AND … hardly anyone is our culture even KNOWS ABOUT Ontology!!



the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being.


— Dr. David Kamnitzer


____________________________________________So much of our collective reality is a reflection and expression of our belief in LACK.

Much of our suffering is correlated with our belief in LACK.

Opening to the possibility that LACK is simply a construct of the human mind is one of the most powerful and empowering journeys one could ever take.

Transcending ego-based consciousness requires this radical investigation.

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



All of the Great Teachers and Mystics used the framework of the times to communicate Eternal Truths in ways that are understandable and relevant for their students.

Many times, you must listen with the Heart to penetrate the deeper Teachings.

In that spirit, I want to salute a Great Teacher and Mystic:

Reverend Ike.

He was a Black Preacher and Teacher who was popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

He used Prosperity as one of his major Teaching Methods.

Check him out … and listen with your Heart!

Blessings … DK



Without contextual mastery … Mastery is incomplete …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer


____________________________________________If you want to master the manifestation game … you must open up to the ideas of parallel realities and no time.

Otherwise … it is almost impossible to consciously create from unfettered Infinite Intelligence (instead of from avoiding the domination of lack!)

— Dr. David Kamnitzer


____________________________________________Once you let go of resistance to ANY circumstance or experience …

THEN (and only then) can you joyously and consciously take your place as a conscious creator …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer –



KNOWING True Priority is a function of honoring Unity …

KNOWING your Purpose is a function of stepping out into Life with Faith and Consciousness AS the Love that You Are .. and following your Breadcrumbs of Joy …

Blessings … DK


____________________________________________Nothing replaces sincere dedication and application.

The Great One’s are inspired by Vision, not by circumstance …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer


____________________________________________When a system is rotten to the core …

Create a parallel reality/system that demonstrates its viability in the actions and results that it fosters and allows …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer


Without an ontological base, psychological and physical “healing work” is simply postponing true healing …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer

____________________________________________Why is the application of the Law of Attraction so unsatisfying for most people?

The Law applies to what we are BEING / VIBRATING … and most people are super unconscious about this realm.

“You can’t BE / VIBRATE what you Really want … till you know what you HAVE been BEING / VIBRATING …

I assist and empower people in this domain.

Sincere inquiries welcome.

— Dr. David Kamnitzer


____________________________________________I had this idea this morning that resonated strongly …

If more people would heal their relationship with their mother, we wouldn’t damage the Earth so much …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



One of the things I teach my students is how to CALIBRATE your vibration without selling out …

This is an important LIGHTWORKER skill for optimizing Joy and Effectiveness …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



If we want to bring forth a gifting economy …

We must heighten our sense of — and commitment to —
Justice and Balance …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



Most people’s lives are correlated with their unconscious resistance to confronting their own sense of hopelessness …

which leaves them in an ongoing “mood” of resignation.

This leads to a massive “cover-up” attempt, which ultimately never works …

My strong suggestion … CONFRONT IT … ALLOW IT … OWN IT …

Then realize the hopelessness is a function of the egoic viewpoint, and …

TAKE A STAND that YOU are NOT the ego …

Then allow Real Hope .. Holy Hope … to reveal itself in, through, and as you …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



When you are BEING LOVE … ego loses all leverage over you …

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



If you don’t like the movie … Bless it … Release it … Leave the theater … Pivot … Notice what DOES resonate with your JOY … Focus on THAT … Love THAT …. Follow the MOTION.

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



Have you noticed that when Life is simply flowing … the YOU that you usually ARE that you are … isn’t here???

— Dr. David Kamnitzer



What if there is something you don’t know that you don’t know … the knowing of which could make a huge difference?

What if there is a way to reliably access what you don’t know you don’t know?

Well … There is! … That what Transformation and Ontological Inquiry is all about.

Inviting and guiding people in this ongoing Journey is one of my main passions.

Blessings … DK



FORGIVENESS as an avoidance strategy never works!!!



Sooner or later … if your inquiry into Truth is sincere …

The questions will become ONTOLOGICAL …

What have I been Being? … What could I be Being? … What is Being for Human Beings? … What is the possibility of Being for Human Beings … Where is Being?

Psychology, divorced from Ontology (and Physiology) is not powerful enough to empower Radical Healing.


____________________________________________So much of behavioral science simply assumes the ego-based view of humans and reality

There is nothing “wrong” with this.

However, it becomes “evil” when it is presented as the ONLY possibility for human beings.


Are you AIMING too low?Could you build momentum by taking a series of “small” steps that create a pattern of success?


— Dr. David Kamnitzer


____________________________________________It’s great to want to do the right thing.

Just be careful it is not about avoiding the fear of being wrong.

My strong suggestion is to FIRST ground your awareness in

Then … you Naturally will do the right thing … and honor life and the living … and release the dead and the dying.

Then … simply forgive yourself and others … and be willing to receive forgiveness from others.

Blessings … DK (with special kudos to Jeshua)


As we move more and more into a world of all possibilities …



“When the SOUL is truly ripe … nothing can stop its rendezvous with Truth …”


“One way that my Teaching differs from a lot of what is current today is that after someone has a “breaking open” and releases a limitation … I do NOT recommend that they then construct a new idea they like better … Instead, I encourage my students to simple BE WITH that openness — that new space — and notice “what wants to happen” … and then begin to MOVE with that next wave of Life … kind of like surfing the wave, instead of attempting to construct it …

This distinction is actually a major one …”


“True Principles are DISCOVERED/REVEALED … not CREATED by the human mind.

That being said … humans have an absolutely free choice to be willing to be open to their discovery and revelation for themselves.”



Dangers of Spiritual Dabbling …

When we say we want to Know Truth … we are literally playing with fire.

The people I see who experience the greatest suffering are those who posture themselves as Truth Students, while at the same time, not really being WILLING to submit/surrender to the Transformative Process.

Many WANT to want to Know Truth.

Truly being passionate in one’s relationship with Truth is a totally different animal.

There is a story about Paramahansa Yogananda that I would like to share with you …

A disciple was having great difficulty and sincerely requested an audience with the Master. The Master agreed. The disciple confessed to all of his struggles and difficulties, especially all of his attachments. He then asked the Master how he was able to stay was able to stay so committed to The Path.

The Master was silent for a long while. When he finally spoke, he said … “It is simply that I want something else more.”

Be honest with yourself about what you really desire.

The Soul will ripen in its own timing.”


“TRIBUTE TO MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.For me, when I think of MLK, I think about Intelligence, Passion, Courage, and Social Justice. I want to focus here on JUSTICE.One of my great Teachers taught that …

There is no KINDNESS without JUSTICE;
There is no JUSTICE without HONESTY;
There is no HONESTY without RESPECT
There is no RESPECT until you Honor LIFE;
There is no LIFE without LOVE;
There is no LOVE without UNITY.”


“Nothing takes the place of the synergy of commitment, competence, and compassion.”


“If everyone you know is asleep … it’s really hard to know what AWAKE is … or that there even IS … AWAKE!

Being in the presence of someone who IS AWAKE, is often the catalyst for the conscious part of the Journey Home …”


“The most powerful PHILOSOPHY will eventually morph into ONTOLOGICAL INQUIRY ….”




In our PC world, whether people know it or not, CONSTRUCTIVISM is creeping more and more into the fabric of life … at least in the US, where I currently reside (CANADA … if Hilary or The Donald win … I am open to invitations!).

This is the idea that EVERYTHING … ALL REALITY is constructed by the human mind.

Basically, this leads to a moral relativism, where all views are equally valid … a view that there is no “True North”.

This not only leaves out the possibility of ENLIGHTENMENT, TRUTH, and Real EXCELLENCE … It can be used to justify

What makes this view so clever and enticing .. is that it IS a useful description of EGO-BASED consciousness.

So basically … this view is “saying” that we ARE … ego-based consciousness!!!

Once you embrace THAT … it’s all over!!!”



Friends … Happy New Year!

Today, I would like to speak about what I see as an addiction that is becoming more prominent today … especially among Millennials:


As more people realize that more and more STUFF is not the key to happiness, many are letting go of this false god … and creating a new one … EXPERIENCES!

More … Better … Different …. Experiences

… as if somehow THAT is going to be the magic bullet.

Well .. I have news for you …

That’s just another false god!

What is SENIOR to experience or circumstance?

What DOESN’T change when experience or circumstance DOES?

Discover THAT!”


“When you cut yourself off from Love … a certain level of Intelligence becomes inaccessible …

Then one defaults to the use of force …”


“It is an amazing experience to be with someone who has no agenda other than to BE WITH you … and support your


A total game-changer!”


“I was listening to a recording of a Satsang with the great Teacher Adyashanti. He was making a point that I have made for a long time … and I thought I would repeat it here again:What most people CALL meditation is really some form of concentration training.This certainly has its place and purpose. However, I see calling this MEDITATION as great dis-service, in that it could keep someone from actually practicing meditation.

Although mediation does require a certain capacity for focused awareness … it also requires a profound ACTIVE ALLOWING and a great Love of Truth.

In my experience, ACTIVE ALLOWING is one of most challenging things for the Western-Conditioned Mind.”


“Instead of forcing yourself to change your thoughts, feelings, and actions …

I recommend discovering the way the world (including your sense of yourself) is occurring for you … and being open to the possibility that that is just ONE WAY the world can occur … and be open to letting go of THAT way of being and seeing … and notice what shows up.”


“Do you realize if you life is 5% making a difference and 95% BS …

If you can get to 10% making a difference … you DOUBLE your impact!!!”


“A lot of Teachers are interested in what you think. I am MUCH more interested in what you CAN think!”


“What makes the FAST PATH fast:

Actively and committedly confronting the reality of egoic activity … and choosing forgiveness and Love … again and again and again.”


“KAMNITZER OPINES!ACTIVITY …as a false god …Activity CAN be a glorious spontaneous expression of Authentic Being.


Often times, it is an expression of fear and avoidance. Ego is deeply frightened of “space” and “nothingness.” It CANNOT know these domains, so it makes stuff up!

Remember Scarlet in Gone With the Wind? … She HAD TO stay busy and hysterically active. She could not simply BE WITH anything or anybody.

I am recalling on my favorite phrases from the Christian Mystics:

“To wait upon the Lord …”

May you discover the difference between egoically-derived change … and the True Motion of Being.”


“As I have taught for many decades …As our cultural systems and processes continue to break down and demonstrate their inability to honor Life and the Living … fear arises in many people … and many of them behave in ways that do not honor YOUR unique Love.Therefore, it is to your GREAT advantage to master the willingness and ability to lovingly establish and maintain appropriate boundaries.

This will contribute enormously to the QUALITY of Life and to your EFFECTIVENESS in Life.”


“In my work with thousands of people over the last 40 years, I have discovered that three of the most ubiquitous (and therefore, often difficult to discover)

false gods are THOUGHTS and MOODS and HISTORY …”


One of the greatest contributions you can make to this world and to others is to bring your WELL-BEING to this moment …”

As we release judgment … Remember to cultivate discernment and the setting of standards and boundaries that honor your unique Love …”

“What is fastest way I know to Mastery?

Serve someone who Serves with all your Heart … and Pay Attention!”


“Beginnings are Delicate Times …

Get that part right … and the rest often feels like floating downstream on a river!”



As we learn more about the “power of thought”, let us be aware that we are really NOT talking about the “power of thought” like a SOURCE.

THOUGHT is not the source of power … It can be a FOCALIZER.

YOU (as in the real you) are the SOURCE of power.

Are we creating another false god?

Holy Descartes, Batman!”


“For a Spiritual Path to work (in my opinion) … it must be sensitive to … and eventually transform … human psychology and biology.”


“When you are finally in the Presence of Truth … IF you are Open …

You KNOW it … without referring to thinking!!!”


“Many people claim to want to heal and awaken.Often the limitation is the identification with the limited identity that claims to want this.That limited identity CAN NOT heal and awaken.

It is the release of attachment to that identity that IS the healing …
that IS the awakening.”


“To access True Hope … you first have to get how utterly and completely hopeless it is … from the egoic point of view …”


“Keep choosing LOVE … until the chooser vanishes …”


“Premature forgiveness is a way to avoid acceptance, responsibility, and true understanding. It actually strengthens the entanglement with ego …”


“As your humility increases … so does your boldness …”


“When you live in a culture that considers it normal to go through the motions … and lives in a mood resignation …

It can be shocking … in an awakening way … to be in the presence of an individual living from a space that is not a product of those forces …

One who stands for a new possibility of Being for Human Beings.”


“What do I notice in common in most radical healing approaches?

Courageous and Humble Study of Direct Experience while Sacred Space is being Held.”



Increase Discernment … Reduce Judgment
Increase Excellence … Reduce Perfectionism
Be Unique … Release the belief in Separation
Practice LOVINGLY Saying No when appropriate”


“You know you’ve got some real momentum when what you want is also what’s good for you!”


“Did you know that MANY of your current long-term problems were prior attempted “solutions?”


“True Desire is vital for the Spiritual Path.

You know the desire a mother has to protect her children?

Imagine THAT level of desire, without being prompted by
potentially “life-threatening” circumstances!

A commitment so total, it is not even an issue … It is who you ARE!”


“What if you let go of the YOU that is seeking?

The YOU that is seeking will never Awaken.

Awakening shows up as we discover and release attachment to the THOUGHT that is that YOU!”


“When the physical and etheric bodies are supported and more balanced … it is SO MUCH easier to do deep inner work!I believe this is one of the factors why so much psychotherapy is ineffective.”


“It is so wonderful to only THINK when it’s appropriate!”


“We are literally energetically TETHERED to that which we are unwilling to FORGIVE!”


“One of the main KEYS to increased sense of freedom and effectiveness is something EGO is incapable of realizing:

TOTAL ACCEPTANCE (as in …. allow to BE) of anything you become aware of … whether appearing “internally” or “externally.””


“If you are immersed in a Teaching …. never fear to KICK THE TIRES and ask the tough questions.

TRUTH will stand into INFINITY!”


“Everyone is given unique ADVANTAGES by our Creator. Discover them … Embrace them … Be a great Steward of them. This is one of the Keys to fulfilling the unique Love that You Are.”


“A “sign” that Unity Consciousness is expanding for you … When UNIQUENESS and INDIVIDUALITY do not imply separation!”


“One the things I have discovered as a Teacher and Healer for many years …

The person requesting real Healing and Knowledge must be sincerely willing to discover what they have been Being and Doing that is NOT working … and be willing to shift to create space for a higher level of workability.

In the space of that willingness, what is often seen is the UNWILLINGNESS of ego …

It is how we be with THAT … this is a major KEY in Unfolding Realization.”


“Keep choosing Love … until choice is unnecessary … until “the chooser” disappears …”


“As the structures that no longer serve Life and the Living continue to crumble ….

REMEMBER … YOU ARE LOVE … and are senior to structure …”


“What’s going on? … the Student asked.

You’re upgrading your operating system … the Teacher replied.

Why is it so stressful? … the Student wondered aloud.

Because, unlike your computer, you couldn’t be completely shut down for the reboot! … the Teacher lamented.”


“It’s what you don’t know you don’t know that shapes and constrains your life experience … on every level.The assisted ontological inquiry work I do gives people ACCESS to discover what they didn’t know they didn’t know …”


“Allow imagery to take you to a feeling resonance that you desire … then let go of the imagery as you would a training wheel … and BE the new resonance as long as you desire!”


“I say to all the Constructionists …

Some things can only be DISCOVERED … not created by humans.

A great example … UNITY!”


“I’m not that interested in what you think.

I am SUPER INTERESTED in what you CAN think …

What is POSSIBLE for you …”


“IMHO … Constructivism (when viewed as ALL THAT IS) is one of the most dangerous and soul-suffocating schools of thought currently in vogue.

(Constructivism is the view that ALL human experience is a function of human mental constructs)

For me, it is an excellent description of egoic activity. — a reflection of one particular level of consciousness.

I have discovered that I must be …. a DE-Constructionist!

Notice what happens when you simply STOP making stuff up!”


“In my extensive experience of working with thousands of people …

when someone is suffering in relation to not trusting another, it is almost ALWAYS something they are not trusting in THEMSELVES of which they are unaware.”


“CARING and COMPETENCE are a powerful combination!”


“If you are being that force is the only world that is real … you will justify its use …and, you will not open up to your True Nature … which is Love …”


“The principle of POSITIVITY states that senior to any negative goal is a positive goal.
(A negative goal is something you want to move away from, minimize, avoid, etc. For example: I don’t want to be fat. I don’t want to be anxious)

This is really valuable to know. It allows one to PIVOT from a negative goal to a positive goal … and get back on track.

Here is a great pivot question:

What is it that I really want that I believe that (MY NEGATIVE GOAL) keeps me from being, doing, having, or experiencing?

Then focus on THAT …”


“If all that exists for you are circumstances and experiences … you can’t find home base!”


“Knowing you don’t know … and embracing not-knowing … are two major keys for accessing True Knowing.”


‘If you ARE that you are Ego … TRUTH occurs for you as terrifying!

This can be very useful to know …”


“When ACCESS to Love is lost … FORCE becomes the only game in town!”


“Ubiquitous Mediocrity Suffocates the Soul.”


“Paraphrasing my Teacher, Werner Erhard …

Until you complete your relationship with your parents (primary caretakers) … all your relationships are really about you and your parents …”


“If you’ve never been truly LOVED in this life … it is really hard to access love for yourself … or extend it to others.

To be in the presence of One who Truly Loves is a most profound Gift and Grace …”


“The “biggest” people I know have been WILLING to BE WITH whatever arises in a way that ALLOWS themselves and others to simply BE …”


“Isn’t it ironic that ego is “being” that Truth is death … when in Reality … Knowing Truth is the Key to fully Living?”


“At some point along the Path, the desire for Awakening emerges.

That is totally natural … AND … Be Aware …

Ego can co-opt THAT desire for IT’S functioning … just as it can do for ANY desire …”


“Imagine if there was a domain senior to circumstance and experience?

Well … There IS … and it is YOU!!!

Self AS Self …

The Possibility OF Possibility …

It is to THIS … that Transformation facilitates ACCESS.”


“If you Really want to Awaken … the best advice I can give you is to BE WITH someone who is AWAKE … and LISTEN with your entire Being … Be WILLING to be MOVED … Broken Open …”


“FORGIVENESS has nothing to do with Forgetting … It has to do with a Change of Heart … and Radical Understanding …”


Timely access to appropriate (internal and external) resources … and the good stewardship thereof.”


“When it’s not about the money … YOU can HAVE money … instead of money HAVING YOU!”


“When your Heart is full of Joy as you share in the success of another … you begin to realize … there IS no other …”

“Until you being to doubt the veracity of what you value and are committed to … nothing powerful is likely to shift!”

“If your adrenals are burned out … it is virtually impossible to: 
1) do any deep inner work
2) deeply relax
3) have buoyant energy
4) have a strong libido

I could go on and on and on …

There ARE natural solutions that work.

First … digestion, liver function, and sugar handling must be addressed.

Then, the real investigation begins!”


“If ego can’t “get” it .. it either denies it or discounts it!”


“The most powerful inquiry question I know for Realization (thanks to my Teacher, Werner Erhard):
What if the YOU that you ARE that you are … is a superstition?”


“What most people call thinking really isn’t YOU thinking!

I mean … if it is really YOU thinking … then YOU STOP thinking.

Notice, you can’t do that?

What if you are “being thought” … being used?

Time to Awaken?”


“One of the greatest “shocks” along the Path is the realization that you have actually been doing the ego’s bidding.
While attempting to serve and be a “good” person — you have actually had your ladder up against the “wrong” wall!

This realization … and the heartfelt response from it … is the true meaning of Repentance.”


“What makes up the WATER that most people swim in (that they don’t know they are swimming in?

1) I am separate

2) Only the world of force is real

It turns out that both are false!

Time to Awaken?”


“Keep CHOOSING Love … until “The Chooser” dissolves …”


“The egoic view is fundamentally violent, tragic, and narcissistic.
Thank Goodness YOU are NOT ego!

Once you KNOW that … the egoic view loses its ‘spell” on you.”


“When $$$ blocks the workable flow of LOVE and CONTRIBUTION … it has over-stepped its utility …”


“Seek … Until The Seeker IS the limitation …”


“Two secrets of a great life …

(1) Simply stop doing what doesn’t work!

(2) Notice and honor that which resonates with your Joy!”


 “Thank you Jeshua for anchoring a new possibility and template for Being for human beings here on Earth.

Now … it is up to us to CHOOSE to Honor Love .. or not …

THAT is our Real Freedom … to CHOOSE!”


 “Many people suggest changing your story to one you like better. Although this may seem to produce some short-term benefit, this ultimately reinforces that which blocks awareness of Truth.

The “fast path” simply supports the student to be with the current story AS a story … allowing it to be a story … combined with the stand that the student is NOT his/her story …

This is the way that I teach …”


 “If you are addicted to struggle and effort … you won’t even see the low-hanging fruit!”


 “One of the most powerful ways to void suffering is to … Know the True Measure of All Things!”


 “When you are cut off from LOVE … you default to egoic patterns of righteousness, domination, justification, and scarcity. That’s just the way it is …”


 “There is no kindness without justice.

There is no justice without honesty.

There is no honesty without respect.

There is no respect without honoring Life.

There is no Life without Love.

Love is a unique expression of the Unity.

— Dr. David Kamnitzer (with honor to Jeshua)”


“Imagine living in a world where money, food, and sex are in service to LOVE!!!
I am enrolled! … How ’bout you?

(IMHO … The transmutation of human instinctual energy is the NEXT “next thing”!)”


 “One of the KEYS to a great life: High Standards … No Judgment …”


 “Some Musings about marketing Transformation ….

Often times, one of the keys to marketing successfully is to establish interest and trust, and then have the potential customer and client tell you what they are struggling with … so that a conversation can happen that may lead to a sale.
This model is often impotent in the domain of transformation, as the way the world occurs for people — and the way they speak — does not include the realm of BEING, which is the realm of Transformation.
For example, someone may say that they are feeling XXX … and thinking XXX and having XXX body symptoms and that XXX is going on in their life.
In a “typical” marketing conversation, the conversation would likely explore whether what you can offer is a match to handling these concerns.
In Transformation, a possibility opens to access the SOURCE of much of this, and to access the power to effectively BE WITH all of this, in such a way that quality of life and effectiveness in life takes a quantum leap.
The kind of LISTENING required in such a conversation is radically different as well.
In addition, very often in the LOOKING required in Transformation, people go through a period of significant discomfort … and that is a reality that requires special management as well.
I could go on … and … I think these thought provided fertile soil for more powerful conversation.
Blessings and Namaste!”

“When I am exposed to a really great breakthrough that makes life work better … I often ask myself … What was I and others being that did not allow that possibility to show up for us?
Exposing ontological blind spots can be a really quick path to greater freedom!”

“When positive thinking is used as an avoidance strategy … it backfires!!!”6.5.15

“Committing to high-level wellness is a MAJOR deal that is vital to appreciate if we are to effectively extend the opportunity. It challenges most of the prevailing paradigms, world views, systems, and practices in our culture. Let us proceed with wisdom, compassion, humility, and boldness.”

“My greatest pleasure and honor … To be holding space for and be present with people when the LIGHT BULB GOES ON for them! I never tire of it … ever …”

“Psychology … divorced from Ontology and Physiology … is an impotent fantasy!”

“Promising a path to high-level wellness without addressing GMO’s is a fantasy at best …”

“My favorite story is that we are not our stories!”

“The most vital, inescapable, shocking, valuable, and powerful Realization along The Direct/Fast Path is that … The YOU that you ARE that you are, is just a superstition!”
5.23.15 (with Kudos to My Teacher, Werner Erhard)

“If you are extending the possibility of Transformation … make sure you have a couple of safe “Opportunity to Leave” breaks (before you get in the deep end of the pool!
I am reminded of a famous quote: “Spiritual Path … Very Tough … Better not to Start … Once you Start … Better not to Stop” and, a quote from me: “Awareness without Acceptance is Hell!””

“When you approach a situation holistically … the critical path often reveals itself, as True Motion has the space to be honored, allowed, and revealed in, through, and as us …”

“Ego will fabricate a problem … blame someone .. then offer to solve it … for a price! This “solution” will lead to the next problem!”

“Egoic consciousness is fundamentally narcissistic and violent. This realization is almost always shocking and brings many “to their knees” in true humility … and is a doorway — an opening … to accessing Real Love and Peace.”

 “When is enough … enough? When STRUCTURE attempts to suffocate LOVE and LIFE!”

“POWERFUL QUESTION FOR THE DAY! Does “What’s Missing?” occur for you like a complaint … or like an opportunity to provide what would uplift and bring out the best in the situation?”

“We usually listen for information, or entertainment, or to see if we agree or disagree. There is another KIND of listening … where we are open … and we are simply curious and committed to seeing what we see … in that space of that listening. That kind of listening allows access to Pure Being … the SOURCE of LIFE …”

“One of the things I have learned from the Master of Masters is that as you release all that is not rightfully yours …
You discover the Bounty that has YOUR name on it!”

“Here is a BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY moment … Last Sunday morning, I attended a meeting put on by some Stanford MD’s designed to support people and families dealing with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. Guess what food was prominently displayed in the back of the room? About 10 varieties of refined gluten-containing muffins and bagels … and, of course … Splenda and pasteurized non-fat and 2% milk …”

“When the Heart is blocked, we tend to default to over-thinking … or seeking refuge in “staying busy”.”

“I listened to a surgeon this morning who has had 21 surgeries! If all you have is a hammer … everything looks like a nail!”

“The standard medical model … when applied to the full possibilities of being human … leaves people dis-empowered, alienated from Love and Life, and without access to the Source of well-being, caring, and accomplishment.”

“You can’t get enough of what you don’t really want!”

“A sign of true health … when what you desire is really nourishing!”

“Anything ego can use … Holy Spirit can use for its purposes as well! Context is decisive!”

“KAMNITZER PREDICTS! Water … will become a major focus for personal and planetary health over the next few years.Water has so many more aspects than is commonly considered. We are learning how to “structure” and “enliven” water. We know that water, under certain conditions, can store information, and respond to thoughts and feelings of humans!”

“The NEXT net thing … The Revelation of the “I” that is “WE”.”

“Psychology can restore its dignity and value as it opens to its relationship to Ontology and Biology. This will facilitate the Soul’s discovery of the Unity of Existence.”

“Have you ever noticed that WILL is the future-tense of the verb … to BE?”
3.23.15Here’s the “secret” hardly anyone will tell you …
“You can’t BE and LIVE who you Really Are … ’till you know what you HAVE been being and living that is just a story.”

Healing … Learning … and Modes (by Dr. David Kamnitzer)
“Healing and learning can show up when our bodies and minds are in an open, humble, courageous, and curious “place.”
The constant assault on the integrity of the body, mind, family, family, planet, and even the Soul is correlated with a chronic STRESS mode …
which precludes innocent perception, clarity, and maximum transfer of learning to all areas of Life.
The proliferation of GMO’s is adding a HUGE chronic stress to the body. Much of the immune system is in the gut .. and this induces a chronic stress mode that blocks much of the healing process.
This is why I like to work with people in an integrated and comprehensive manner.
To YOUR Health, Wealth, & Wisdom!”

“Next time you are tempted to blindly follow instructions from doctors in the hospital …check out their cafeteria first!!!”


“What if you could go through a day without having to prove or justify anything??? Give it a shot!”


“Reduce your judgments … Raise your personal standards …”


“I want to share something about worshiping false idols. Most people realize that physical things, or people, can be false idols. Did you know that “your experience” can also be a false idol??? Much of your conscious experience is filtered through unconscious models and concepts that constrain and shape the way the world occurs for you, including the way the world occurs for yourself. This is a “vicious circle” that is a closed, self-reinforcing system. It is NOT who you really are … or the way LIFE really is!”


“Musing of the Day … How come so many “holistic” advocates still routinely recommend synthetic vitamins on a long-term basis? Holy Blind Spot, Batman!”



“Without Purpose … it is likely you will default into being your current mood.”