The Podcast

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FREEING THE BODY … FREEING THE SOUL! is a podcast series dedicated to empowering you  — the listener — through in-depth conversations with individuals doing cutting-edge work in the areas of healing, spirituality, and social transformation.

In many of the episodes, Dr. David will be interviewing other people.

In some of the episodes, Dr. David will be sharing his own thoughts and ideas, usually while being interviewed.

The interviews are designed not simply to inform or describe or opine.  They are intended to actually PRESENCE new POSSIBILITIES for conversation and action that would have been highly unlikely to happen anyway.

Many of the episodes will require a committed and active open listening on your part.  You may want to listen to the episodes more than once.

Our view is that UNITY is a foundational constant of Existence that allows for True Personhood and uniqueness.  It is time to take responsibility for and transcend the limiting argument for the separate and isolated sense of “me” … and awaken to the full potential of Being Human and the Human Family.

Also, we hold to the view that only in Perfect Stillness is Perfect Motion accessed and revealed.

As we embrace these seeming paradoxes, the Soul discovers and re-JOY-ces in the Revelation of the Unity of Reality … and Peace shall reign again on Earth.

You can find Freeing the Body, Freeing the Soul on iTunes and Stitcher.

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