Dr. David Kamnitzer

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Dr. David Kamnitzer (aka “Dr David” and “The Cutting-Edge Doc”) has a passion for being with people in such a way that the “Light Bulb” tends to go on for them, and then to assist their unfolding Journey in Truth.

Blessed with natural teaching ability from early childhood, he also discovered he had a gift for healing while in his early 20’s. His big heart, sharp mind, and audacious vision have blended to create a dynamic life, full of adventure, challenges, and deep rewards.

Born April 23, 1956 (at 1:23 PM) in Los Angeles, California (USA) to Western European intellectuals, he grew up in an agnostic environment, where thinking and the mind were given top status. He enjoyed learning to think for himself and ask the tough questions. He knew his parents were “good people”, yet he was not happy. Somethings was missing. He just didn’t know what! He often felt like a “stranger in a strange land.”

He loved baseball (The Diamond!) and his hero was Sandy Koufax — the classy great Dodger pitcher. One of his first OMG! experiences was on a warm August night in 1964, when he was invited to go to Dodger Stadium to see his first major-league baseball game. He was intoxicated! He felt the energy, the emotion, the focus, the commitment to excellence, and the love of over 40,000 people! That was his first taste of the power of aligned group energy! He didn’t know what it meant at the time … and … he never forgot it. The City of the Angels was happy that night!

Always sensitive to energy, he had no idea about this as a child. NO ONE in his world spoke anything about God or Truth or Energy. He didn’t even know when he was picking up the energies of others, as opposed to simply feeling his individual emanations. There was an old woman who lived in the building next door. Her name was Mrs. Lange. She would sometimes invite David to her house for milk and cookies. He loved being there. He loved how he felt in that house. Years later, he realized he was feeling the energy of Jeshua (Jesus). He would feel that same energy again when he was 13 years old, during Thursday Afternoon Teen Fellowship at the Hollywood Presbyterian Church. In that room, he felt the same energy that he felt years ago at Mrs. Lange’s home.

Teen years were full of the usual stuff, with hormones doing their thing. One thing he didn’t realize till later is that his early sexual experiences were not usual for young teen boys … They were kundalini openings that he felt up and down his entire brain and spinal cord. He didn’t know what they were … He just knew they were amazing! (Holy Taurus, Batman!). He had no idea they were unusual. This was a definite foreshadowing of his fascination with the Unity of Reality … and of the Great Mystery of Body and Soul … as well as his deep honoring of sexual energy. He knew this energy had great potential for healing and Realization, if handled properly.

At age 17, he experienced what, he feels strongly now, was Divine Intervention. He was driving (with three of his closest friends) in a car one summer morning, north on US 101 about 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles, on his way to Santa Barbara, to show his friends where he was going to start college in the fall. He was going about 65 mph in the 2nd freeway lane from the left when he heard an explosion and lost control of the car as it started translating to the right as it began to spin. He then “blacked out” for what must have been 5-10 seconds (David now believes his Soul almost completely left his body), and when he became conscious again, the car was facing 90 degrees to the traffic, facing the midline, on the right edge of the freeway. The car proceeded to go backwards, down an embankment, coming to rest against a wall of large rocks.

Miraculously (though the car was “totalled:), none of the four people in the car were injured at all! They all walked away from the car, and later in the day were brought back to Los Angeles.

He didn’t think much of it at the time … just that he was lucky. Much later, it began to dawn on him that much more was going on behind the scenes!

The next year was the most challenging year of his life. Away from home and parents for the first time, he dedicated his first year of college life to exploring … meeting many different kinds of people with different ideas and interests. He wanted to see what was out there … and what felt good.

Nothing felt good. It was one of those times when the lesson was … “not this … not that.”
Needing to regroup, he moved back to Los Angeles and lived with his parents for a few months. He transferred from UCSB to UCLA and began his sophomore year …

That was the year everything shifted .. and David was “broken open!”

To make a long story short … He met a bunch of new people who he really liked, admired, respected …. and he felt alive and excited. ALL of these people had recently taken the est Training, developed by Werner Erhard.

David took the Training, and on a Sunday evening in February of 1975, he had a direct knowing of Self and Truth … and he knew he has not his mind … and he knew other people were not their minds. He knew — directly — what the mind was up to … and its structural limitations. He was literally … broken open! At the time, he did not know the permanent nature of this shift. He DID know it was a brand new ballgame!

Even though he was (and he knew he was) on many levels still a screwed up 19 year-old, he KNEW he would heal, and that everything was, and would always be, OK.

Over the next few months, he spontaneously began Teaching. People were getting great value. He had found his calling — to combine his natural teaching gifts with this newfound awareness. Over the next two years, he was an integral founding member of a group that empowered hundreds of people deeply. He saw real results in the real world. This stuff was powerful!

By age 22, he was exploring the natural healing arts and realized he had a gift of sensitivity in his hands. He could feel and know where acupuncture points were. He could feel chakras. He learned how to muscle-test, and use a pendulum. He studied yoga, Taoism, both Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, breathwork, flower essences, massage, deep-tissue work, Jin-Shin-Do, Person-Centered Astrology, and more.

At the same age, he was also the youngest person to be accepted into the Burklyn Business School — a six-week summer intensive in Vermont that attracted 60 powerful people to explore synergy of spirituality and entrepreneurship! Again, he witnessed the power of an aligned group … and the power of a holistic approach to learning.

At age 23, he was invited by a holistic medical doctor to become his “right-hand man” in his clinic. He spend the next 18 months at the doctor’s side 40-50 hours per week … learning bedside manner, the power of the healing relationship, clinical nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, and more.

That same year, he became part of a working group that purified their energy field so they could help to heal the planet on many levels. This group met every Friday night for a couple of hours, and did powerful work on a large scale … Again .. the power of an aligned group, and the necessity of commitment and a holistic approach.

About a year and a half later, David moved to Northern California. He fell in love with the San Francisco Bay Area when he was nine and visited with his father for two days one magical September weekend. He KNEW he would return to the Bay Area someday. Now was the time.

He finished up his BA at Sonoma State College (now Sonoma State University), and got a degree in Psychology, with an emphasis on body-mind integration. He was blessed again. One of his professors was Eleanor Criswell-Hanna, and old soul and well-known pioneering figure in the new field of biofeedback. Once again …. Body and Soul! She saw something in David, and encouraged him on many levels. At the same time, David was rounding out his education with classes in human anatomy, and a well-rounded liberal arts education.

He soon went on to study chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics … doing wonderfully well. However, he had no interest in going into these fields. He knew his place was elsewhere.

He finally decided he would become a holistic chiropractor. He could teach. He could use his hands. He could honor and share his commitment to holism. He excelled at Chiropractic College, graduating Valedictorian and Magna cum Laude in 1987. He had a vision for his work that was decades ahead of his time.

He wanted to practice out of one treatment room, take time with his patients, treat them holistically, and really educate his patients. He also saw the potential of teaching GROUPS of people at once. They could learn together and support each other. It was a challenging, yet rewarding path to blaze.

During his time in Chiropractic College, he also met and married his wife Carmen, who is from Lima, Peru. Very earthy, practical, and grounded, she helped to balance David’s visionary nature. Carmen gave birth to their first son, Jonathan, in 1988, and to their second son, Michael, in 1991. They knew their family was complete. Family and close friendships have always been very important to (now) “Dr. David.”

Upon Graduation, David identified two doctors in the area who he felt he could learn from, in the role of Associate Doctor. To his dismay, they BOTH told him to go on his own!!! He had no money, and didn’t know anyone in the area. Quite a challenge!

He asked Spirit for Guidance, basically saying …”If YOU want me to do this … show me the Way!” He soon was given the idea to reach out two people who had some extra funds and believed in him. To make another long story short, he received two unsecured loans, joined forces with a friend from school who had a background in sales, and started his practice. The big idea was that David had healing experience, and the other doctor had business experience. The plan was to set up practice in an area with new office buildings, and market to the people who worked in the nearby offices, as well as market to the businesses themselves.

To make a long story short, the plan flopped. Dr. David’s practice grew slowly. The other doctor left after 17 months to start a more traditional practice. This was a hard lesson in
discernment, and the importance of sales and marketing. He was reminded that innovators travel a challenging road!

He downsized, moved his practice, and continued. Over the years, his practice grew; his reputation as a healer began to spread. He began teaching again. He was finding his stride.

Fast forward to 1998 … One Friday at noon, David received a phone call from his mother. She told him that David’s father was in the ER, having suffered a heart attack. This fateful call ushered in a 12-year period dominated by overseeing the care of his mother.

His father died five days later, and his mother began a steady decline in mental and physical health. He saw first-hand the limitations of the prevailing medical model, and the impact of an ailing parent on the family system.

Almost five years of this period included his mother living with David and his family, as her decline into senile dementia and other health problems continued. She was not interested in healing. This was an important lesson for David.

Eventually, she had two strokes, and spend six weeks in rehab, and then the last 13 months of her life in a private home — a board and care facility where six people at a time were cared for. The last several months included hospice care as well.

David saw up close and personal the reactive nature of the drug and surgery approach to healthcare. This refueled his fire to make a difference.

Liberated from his caretaker function in October 2010, Dr. David began a creative burst of professional energy that continues to this day. In addition to seeing patients about 20 hours per week, Dr. David has written, taught, and spoken frequently on a wide variety of topics that impact human well-being.

His work evolved into a unique synthesis of deep Ontological Coaching and the best practices in natural healing. To give you a deeper sense of his work, feel free to visit www.davidkamnitzer.strikingly.com and www.davidkamnitzer.com

You can also listen to three interviews of Dr. David by clicking on the following links:




His current project is the podcast series: FREEING THE BODY … FREEING THE SOUL! Dr. David is thrilled to leave a legacy … and Give it All Away!

Dr. David is currently entertaining requests from people who want to explore working with him, and is open to synergistic professional collaborations. He can be reached at drdavid@cuttingedgedoc.com.

In retrospect … his life has always been about exploring, learning, knowing, and sharing new possibilities of Being for Human Beings. The Journey continues … into Infinity!

Blessings … and … Namaste