65. Dr. Roy Speiser: Water You Can LIVE With!

We can’t live without water … and living with poor quality water definitely does not support living a great life!

So much hype surrounds the water filtration market that many of us simply bury our heads in the sand and either drink tap water, or buy expensive and questionable bottled water, or we buy an inexpensive filter that only takes out the chlorine.

This doesn’t work!!!  

Most of our tap water is filled with a wide variety of toxins …. Even drugs!

Dr. David has been on a search for decades to discover and share with the world an excellent, affordable, and easy to maintain water treatment system that does not require drilling a hole in the countertop, or wasting water … that will still remove added fluoride and maintain healthy minerals.

HE FINALLY FOUND IT!  … Meet Dr. Roy Speiser


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Dr. Speiser has over 35 years’ experience in scientific research. Between 1969 and 1975 he served in the New Jersey Air National Guard as Supervisor of the Clinical Laboratory, then as a bacteriologist in the New Jersey Department of Health and was a lead researcher with a team of scientists in the Molecular Biology Department of Ortho Research Foundation researching investigational new drugs,several of which were approved by the FDA.

While practicing holistic health care in the New York metro area, Dr. Speiser was appointed co-chairman of a local environmental advisory committee and conducted
thorough research to investigate the causes of increased cancers in his area. This led him to form a company to find solutions to protect people’s health by improving their
everyday drinking water.

Enjoy this informative and vital conversation with Dr. David and Dr. Roy Speiser.

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