63. Sonia Tompkins: High Quality CBD and More!


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CBD seems like the NEXT Next Thing in Natural Wellness.
Since it directly impacts inflammation, and is protective to the nervous system, it has received rave reviews for helping people deal with a WIDE VARIETY of health challenges.

(Simply plug in to your favorite search engine:  “Benefits of CBD”)

Dr. David has been researching CBD for several months … and crossed paths with Sonia recently at a LIVING EXPO in the San Francisco Bay Area.  There were four or five companies that had a booth at that Expo, but Dr. David was only attracted to her booth.  The energy signatures of all her many products were outstanding, and Dr. David was super-impressed with Sonia as well.

Sonia Tompkins is an amazing woman.  Born in Mexico and adopted at a very young age, she has overcome a death-sentence by the medical profession, speak five languages, has a gift for formulating products that synergistically blend the power of CBD with herbs and essential oils.

Ms. Tompkins is the co-founder & CEO of PH Secrets and possesses over 15 years of experience in a wide range of industries including accounting firms, renewable energy, manufacturing, cannabis, biotech’s and consumer products. As a passionate herbalist, speaking over 5 different languages, she is able to spread her knowledge to a grand array of people, making her vision a reality one tincture at a time.

Enjoy this delightful and inspiring interview with Sonia Tompkins!

To check out her product line, go to www.phsecrets.com


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