58. Jordan Sather: Millennial Truth Warrior!

As a 60 year-old Boomer, Dr. David has a passion for identifying and supporting

Millennial Leaders …

Introducing Jordan Sather!
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I was born between the shores of the Puget Sound in Kitsap County, Washington State, in the year 1990. I began my never ending search for truth at the young age of 20, catalyzed by what I learned working at a local health food store. I ended up dropping out of college to work there, no longer finding conventional schooling resourceful to understanding our reality. This is where I began down the famed rabbit holes, first learning about the nature of GMO’s, Vaccines, and our healthcare system. I then swiftly moved into other areas of research, having a passion for ancient history, physics, UFO truth and all knowledge associated with our greater awakening. After working at a few health stores, a chiropractic clinic, and multiple gyms, I now own my own health coaching business, Conscious Strength, as well as write articles for online conscious media publications and manage a popular disclosure-based YouTube channel, Destroying The Illusion.

Dr. David is so impressed with Jordan that he is looking forward to multiple Interviews over the coming year.  He even asked Jordan to interview him!

Enjoy and be inspired by this remarkable old soul and young man!

You can check out Jordan and his work at 

Facebook @ Jordan Sather and Conscious Strength


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