57. Regina Dawn Akers: Faithful and Committed Servant of the Light!

Regina Dawn Akers is one of the most humble and clear people Dr. David knows.

Regina went from Corporate America to being a faithful student of A Course in Miracles, to being a channel for one of the most powerful spiritual books in recent times: Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament.

Regina has gone on to write other books, establish herself as a well-respected Spiritual Guide, and has created a website with literally hundreds free offerings.  She has recently started a group for those ready for an intensive group process to facilitate greater awakening and service.


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Regina Dawn Akers has been sharing spiritual teachings, organizing retreats and leading pilgrimages to holy sites since 2005. She’s published two books: “The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament” (NTI) and “The Teachings of Inner Ramana.” Her third book “Thoughts of Awakening: 365 Thoughts for Daily Contemplation” is provided as a free e-book. Each of these books came to Regina from within through her willingness to be their scribe, student and teacher. Regina is a living model of their teachings and a clear channel of the deeper meaning that lies beyond the written word.  Regina is the founder of Awakening Together, a worldwide online spiritual community dedicated to helping people become self-reliant with inner spiritual wisdom. Many of Regina’s teachings are available freely online at reginadawnakers.com. She also invites everyone to enjoy the inspiration and online spiritual community provided through awakening-together.org.

Regina is a true inspiration to me.”  — Dr. David Kamnitzer

Enjoy this delightful and powerful conversation!
Check out Regina and her work at www.reginadawnakers.com

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