55. Caity Johnstone: Journalist Truth-Teller!

Occasionally, one comes across writing that goes way beyond merely informing, entertaining, or even persuading — writing that is powerful enough to catalyze a recognition of greater Truth — writing that can bring out the best in us — writing that challenges us to bring forth more of who we really are.

Such is the writing of Caity Johnstone …

When Dr. David came across Caity and her work, he felt compelled to share her with you.

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14355729_10153398479022824_1862604771048917352_nFormally of Inquisitr and now rogue journalist, Caitlin Johnstone is a powerful voice for the progressive left, a feminist, a fighter, an alpha empath and giant woman. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Newslogue and her Patreon where you can patronize her all you like and she won’t mind at all. Join Caity and Dr. David for a fascinating glimpse into this remarkable woman … and these amazing times.

Caity Johnstone’s writing appear at http://www.newslogue.com/profile/6

You can contact her at caity@misstickle.com


The music at the beginning and end of the show was created and performed by Breana Gilcher and is gratefully used with permission!

As always, a big “Thank You” to K.B, my Assistant, who makes it such a pleasure for me to serve you here at FREEING THE BODY … FREEING THE SOUL!