47. George Hall: Simple and Elegant Solutions for Detoxification, Nutrition, Right Livelihood, and Community!

Innovation requires (1) Something of value, and (2) the willingness and ability to successfully share the value in a way that people adopt a new practice and receive the value.

George Hall is a man who is a true innovator. Co-Founder of Orenda International, LLC with his brother Robert W. Hall

We can all benefit from learning about George’s journey — from two perspectives.  First, we can benefit from knowing about his specific innovation.  Secondly, we can glean some key principles and qualities helpful for successful innovation in general.  We can catalyze the “innovator” in all of us.


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35+ Years in the development and marketing of advanced nutritional supplements working with some of the nations leading experts and researchers.  Starting with a diagnosis of borderline high blood pressure at age 27, George took matters into his own hands, beginning running and learning about nutrition he developed from running 1/4 mile and getting shin splints to running 36 miles per week, blood pressure of 115/59. 7.8 liter lungs and perfect health. This developed in him a great passion for health and the transformational effect of Exercise, diet, and supplementation. Thus began his career in the development of products and programs to simplify the challenging and confusing process of conflicting products an information that he faced during his process of recapturing his best health status.

The Orenda team, in collaboration with many of the best minds in this industry has created just a few, comprehensive products, combining all that is found in those thousands of products. Each product is designed to support one of the body’s key systems and return it to its natural and normal function. As  an example Orenda offers products to rebalance the immune system, the Hormone system, the digestive system and the metabolic system. Together, the result is profound!

Join George and Dr. David for this both practical and visionary conversation.

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Dr. David can be reached at drdavid.kamnitzer@gmail.com


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