46. Gerald Roliz: Pharmaceutical Truth-Teller!

What would YOU do if you were making lots of money as a Pharmaceutical Rep, and your realized what you were doing did not fit with your deepest values?

Gerald Roliz found himself in just such a situation!

He chose to walk away from that job, and dedicate himself to supporting natural approaches to health and wellness.

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 Gerald Roliz is a Certified Nutritional Consultant whose unique approach to whole-food nutrition allows him to advocate reversal, not just prevention, of health challenges brought on by poor nutrition. He holds degrees from U.C. Berkeley in Psychology and Molecular & Cell Biology. Gerald worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative for 5 years teaching medical doctors about Drug to Drug interactions, adverse side effects, and withdrawal syndrome caused by many of the commonly prescribed pharmaceutical medications.
Gerald is the founder of The Healing Body clinic where he guides clients on how to become healthy and un-medicated with whole food nutrition. He lectures to holistic health care practitioners on the application of whole food nutrition and herbs to restore patient health. He is a regular guest lecturer at the top Traditional Chinese Medicine University and Chiropractic Colleges in Northern California. Gerald is the author of The Pharmaceutical Myth: Letting Food be Your Medicine is the Answer for Perfect Health

Join Gerald and Dr. David for this dynamic and powerful conversation.

Dr. David says this about Gerald:
“Gerald is on my short list for people I trust when I need actionable health information.  In fact, if it weren’t for Gerald and his thoughtful guidance, I might not still be in private practice as a holistic doctor!  Gerald connected me to a whole new level of  mastery in the Healing Arts by introducing me to one of my major mentors, Dr. Frank Springob, founder of Morphogenic Field Technique.  I will be forever grateful.”

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For more info, www.thehealingbody.com

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Dr. David can be reached at drdavid.kamnitzer@gmail.com


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