44. Paul Barattiero: Bringing Life-Giving Water to the World!

Mastering the basics is often a major key to success in any area of life.  As humans on planet earth, we can’t get much more basic than water.

The surface of the earth … and the human body … is over 70% water.  99% of the molecules in our body are water molecules!

Over the past several decades, much has been written about the wondrous properties of water — including memory and information storage and response to thought and feeling.

Intuitively, many people simply FEEL better when they are close to a natural body of flowing water.

How do we harness the amazing life-giving properties of water in a way that is practical in our daily lives?

Paul Barattiero has dedicated himself to answering that question … and providing a viable solution to the “healthy water challenge!”

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Paul Barattiero, C.Ped. industry expert founded Synergy Science, Inc. after being in the industry over 10 years and understanding electrolysis and its benefits and weaknesses. He decided to remove the components that cause water electrolysis machines to fail, he decided to develop the machine that would not have these inherent weaknesses and issues.

During the last ten years, Paul observed Hydrogen-Enriched Water improving the lives of individuals with different pathology, including his own family members, as well individuals in the communities in 40 countries. However, no one could accurately explain what the true mechanism of the benefits came from, what mechanisms really caused it to work, the chemistry involved, and how the fantastic claims that were being shared were accomplished.

Paul decided to deeply study the true origins of the technology as well as the science and chemistry of the technology. Through this process, he learned the true origins of water electrolysis and how it really worked in creating molecular hydrogen. The benefit has very little if anything to do with the increased pH, but everything to do with Hydrogen. He became very passionate and wanted to help educate individuals everywhere.

Join Paul and Dr. David for this exciting and powerful conversation. Then, if you want to EXPERIENCE the benefits of this special water — risk-free —  contact Dr. David at drdavid.kamnitzer@gmail.com and he will take good care of you!


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