43. Julie Phillips: Healing Water Evangelist!

Fifteen years ago, Julie Phillips was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  This crisis was the spark that ignited her own journey into natural healing.  This journey eventually led her to discover the amazing healing power of water.

Julie is extremely healthy now, and has committed her life to sharing with others what she has learned along the way — assisting others to reclaim their passion and power for purposeful and joyous living.

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Julie Phillips is a natural health teacher, wellness coach, speaker, and founding President of a non-profit statewide group of natural health professionals for over 1.5 decades.

She holds many certifications in wellness including Certified Professional of Natural Health Sciences and Certified Molecular Hydrogen Advisor – both pertinent to her presentation on hydration.

Her passion for “spreading the word” originated during a personal health crisis related to abnormal cells and threat of cancer after serving as the lead computer software person for a large telecommunications company.

Prayer led her to natural health and the passion and purpose of educating and empowering others.

Join Julie and Dr. David for this VITAL and empowering conversation.

Julie Phillips can be reached at 813-695-4372, www.WOW-Simplified.com

Julie Phillips, CPNHS, National Business Development Director for Circulation Nation®, Director of Florida Studies for American School of Natural Health Sciences

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