40. Gabe Hunninghake: Water You Can Live With!

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Most people have no idea how powerful the right quantity and and quality of water can be, when it comes of empowering you for optimal health and well-being.

The market is full of over-priced products and people are bombarded with inaccurate information.

Here is information that is valid … and reasonable products that actually work!

When Gabe left the Air Force and rejoined civilian life, he had some powerful experiences with alkaline water.  However, he didn’t like the high prices … and … he noticed that some people had uncomfortable reactions to it.  He also noticed that many of the devices had very poor (or no) filtration systems.

He saw an opening to make a difference, and went on a worldwide search for solutions that work better.

Years later … Vitev (his company) was born.

Gabe Hunninghake came across alkaline water in 2009 and started working with electric ionizers in 2010. But while the water worked for nearly everyone, the market itself and the companies behind it did not. He met several others who were also frustrated with the prices, the behavior of ionizer companies and the marketing efforts.

Those relationships developed into a concept for a different kind of product and company — One that leveraged simpler methods for creating alkaline water thereby lowering the costs significantly — One that was direct and honest with customers about what we knew and what we didn’t — One that believed we help ourselves by first helping others.

Five years later Vitev has grown its product line and it’s reach with distribution across the world.

Gabe lives in Lawrence Kansas with his wife and 3 kids.

To contact Gabe, or to order product, go to www.bit.ly/greatwater4U

Join Dr. David and Gabe enjoy the empowering … and VITAL … conversation!

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