38. Maren Keeley: “Conscious Company” Advocate and Role Model!

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Maren Keeley is a woman on a mission!

Along with her business partner and dear friend, Meghan French Dunbar, she co-founded Conscious Company Magazine.  The first issue was released in January of 2015, and as of this writing, they just released their sixth issue.

The magazine is both stylish and substantial.  It is filled with powerful and vital real-life stories of companies (and the people behind them) that are actually DOING IT — that are actually substantiating their highest values in how they run their companies and in what their companies stand for.

As a change agent, it important to both clearly articulate an inspired vision AND demonstrate that it CAN be done.

Maren Keeley does BOTH, not only through her magazine, but also by how she and Meghan run their own company.

Join Dr. David and Maren for this stimulating and powerful conversation where they explore Maren’s personal journey, as well as discuss several important topics that anyone considering establishing a Conscious Company in today’s world must address.

About Maren…

Maren’s experience spans multiple industries and locations. She brings her systems thinking as well as art and design background to Conscious Company with creativity, hard work, and grit being at the core of her work history. Born and raised in downtown Chicago, her career has taken her to many locations, and now she splits her time between Boulder, CO and the Pacific Northwest. She was a chef for nearly 15 years cooking in high-end restaurants, running her own catering business, and then managing large teams at two of Whole Foods Market’s flagship locations.

During her undergrad days she studied art and philosophy of aesthetics at Bard College. Maren also received her MBA in Sustainable Systems from Pinchot University (formerly Bainbridge Graduate Institute) in 2015. She is Conscious Company’s Co-founder and Chief of Strategy + Operations.

Enjoy the beautiful and intrepid Maren Keeley!

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