20. Courtney Armstrong: Updating Emotional Memory Using Memory Reconsolidation!


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Making the abstract real and useful for many people is a great gift …

Meet Courtney Armstrong!

Courtney is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, as well as the author of the recently-published, The Therapeutic “Aha!”.

Join Dr. David and Courtney as they explore MEMORY RECONSOLIDATION:

What is it?  What makes it so powerful?  How can it be easily applied to reduce human suffering quickly and easily? How can professionals learn to apply it? What can lay people do right now to benefit from it?

Courtney combines lots of “street-smarts”, a keen mind, a compassionate heart, and plenty of clinical experience.

COURTNEY ARMSTRONG, MEd. LPC, is a licensed professional counselor specializing in grief and trauma recovery and is the author of The Therapeutic “Aha!”: 10 Strategies for Getting Your Clients Unstuck (2015), and Transforming Traumatic Grief (2011). With a career spanning more than two decades, she has helped thousands of clients overcome trauma, grief and anxiety, and experience deep personal transformation utilizing the principles of memory reconsolidation.

Her wit, warmth, and expertise has made her a much sought-after media guest, and she has appeared on CBS Radio News, NPR affiliates and on networks in Europe, Asia and Australia. You can get a copy of Courtney’s free report “5-Steps for Healing a Traumatic Memory” by visiting her website at www.courtneyarmstronglpc.com/.

Dr. David highly encourages people to check out her book, The Therapeutic “Aha!”.

The music at the beginning and end of the show was created and performed by Breana Gilcher and is gratefully used with permission!

As always, a big “Thank You” to Breana Gilcher, my Assistant, who makes it such a pleasure for me to serve you here at FREEING THE BODY … FREEING THE SOUL!