14. Erik Coover: Millennial Wayshower!

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Join Dr. David as he goes deep with Erik Coover … Millennial Wayshower.  In this late-20’s, Erik has dedicated his life to embodying and extending the possibility of a joyous, prosperous, freedom-filled, heart-centered life for all Millennials.

Blessed with remarkable parents who modeled a world of unlimited possibility, Erik came through his rebellious phase relatively unscathed … and now is committed to paying forward what was so graciously given to him.

In addition, he is adding his own unique Love to the “mix” … and calibrating and updating the message  … and tens of thousands of Millennials have been “lit up” through their contact with Erik.

Enjoy the vitality, optimism, intelligence, and charitable heart … of Erik Coover!

Please share this powerful conversation with those you love, especially those under 35.

Erik Coover was born to lead.  He served as captain of the golf team at Arizona State University, and is now the Senior Director of Field Development for a multi-billion dollar network marketing company.

He’s a powerful speaker, leader, and the visionary for a millennial movement called START, which has grown to more than 7000 young people in 11 different countries.

His parents are both massively successful entrepreneurs, and it’s clear that he’s following in their footsteps.  Erik’s current passion is empowering other Millennials to live the life of their dreams.

Erik currently lives in Arizona, and is engaged to the amazing Peta Kelly.

You can find Erik online at  www.startyourlife.com and contact him at erik.coover@isagenixcorp.com.

The music at the beginning and end of the show was created and performed by Breana Gilcher and is gratefully used with permission!

As always, a big “Thank You” to Breana Gilcher, my Assistant, who makes it such a pleasure for me to serve you here at FREEING THE BODY … FREEING THE SOUL!