79. James Maskell – Healthy People — Healthy Communities!

James Headshot

James Maskell has been looking for levers to create significant positive change in healthcare for a decade. Following education in healthcare economics, James has played a part in building a number of successful businesses in the integrative medicine space.

James has lectured to audiences of physicians on three continents, including four years on faculty of “Heal Thy Practice”, Integrative Health Symposium and George Washington University’s Metabolic Medicine Institute.

has been featured on platforms at diverse at TEDMED, Huffpost Live, TEDx and more, as well as writing for blogs like Huffington Post, KevinMD, thedoctorblog and MindBodyGreen. He sees a unique aperture to help fuse the massive potential of digital health and functional approaches to accelerate the evolution of medicine.

http://www.functionalforum.com and http://www.goevomed.com

Dr. David and his work can be accessed at http://www.cuttingedgedoc.com and http://www.davidkamnitzer.com


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